Beta Chapters for Alienated by Blood

This is an early draft, so don't be shocked if the published story is different!

Normally I double-check these things but last week I forgot. I found out last night that I gave you Chapter 15 again instead of 16. It should be fixed now, but you may need to delete and re-download that episode. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Twelve chapters in and, I must say, it really helps me to read out loud. So, THANK YOU for putting up with my amateurish reading and first-draft writing. I’ve already made significant tweaks to chapters that just weren’t as interesting out loud as they sounded in my head, plus I’ve made even more changes to the chapters you haven’t heard yet. I really love this story and the characters in it. I hope you’re able to enjoy it, too.

If you’re here because you already know me, then you can safely skip this post. For those that may not, here’s a little bit about me:

This is my third novel. The first two are an epic fantasy pair, for which I’ve received good reviews, mostly by women. If you love George R.R. Martin’s gritty style and complex politics…you’ll probably hate my books. I love Patricia McKillip’s ability to build magical worlds and relationships, Diana Wynne Jones’s light-hearted romance and adventure, Jane Austen’s dialogue and social complexities. If you enjoy their writing, you’ll understand what I aspired to write. If you’re curious, you can find them on Amazon for your Kindle reader or on iBooks for your Apple device.

I also created an interactive short story, Fog, for iBooks using Apple’s proprietary iBooks Author software. I’ve always been fascinated by the possibilities of interactive books, but am not very artistic, so physically interactive books (like the gorgeous pop-ups of Robert Sabuda) are way out of my league. At the time, I was entranced by the foggy mornings we have in spring and autumn, and puzzling over how faith interacts with loss. If you’re one of the few people who downloaded Fog–let me know what you think about it in terms of both structure and content.

My other creative venture is in cooperation with my husband, Jose Mojica. He writes and directs short movies, which I produce. We have a humor-horror short that we’re working on, called The Hand of Flopsville ( We’re also in pre-production for a more serious piece that we hope to shoot in mid-summer. It has a feel closer to the pilot we shot for the web series Framed.

By the way, my “real” website is That’s where most of my thoughts about life, writing and faith are posted.

I’ve got three chapters up and, I must say, it really is helpful for editing to hear what I’ve written. Don’t worry, I’m not fretting over the edits right now because I’ve still got half the book to write, but I am making small tweaks. I’ll also be keeping notes of larger changes I want to make in the next draft.

I”m still way ahead of the podcast in my writing. We’ll see how long I stay there. A month or two at least. Feel free to leave comments, share the podcast, and follow me on Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you!